PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #1: Punchy Caricature

How to Make Someone Look Better as a Caricature!

Caricatures are funny and always grab attention! Learn how to make them using Photoshop!
In this video tutorial, you will learn how we can exagerrate and manipulate everything using Photoshop, from facial features, to skin texture, colors, shadows and highlights, tone range – we will change everything in this image
in order to create a caricature that will get everybody’s attention!
As you can also see with the original image, you do not need an image of the greatest quality in order to get great results! In this tutorial, you will also learn how to compensate, correct and fix many issues that may arise when you edit photos
that weren’t taken with the best cameras or the greatest lighting.

Video Tutorial Length: 174 minutes


How to Glamorize a Photo by Changing the Lighting and Colors!

Everyone loves glamorous wedding photos but sometimes the setting, the light, the weather aren’t contributing as we would like. This is when we turn to Photoshop for assistance!
In this video tutorial, I will show you how you can glamorize and beautify a wedding photo like this and turn it from boring to exciting!
We will work on transforming the atmosphere, giving this image an elegant evening look, we will also focus on retouching and color correcting techniques that will give our image a slick and sophisticated look! Ready to give your photos the “star” treatment?

Video Tutorial Length: 207 minutes


PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #3: Mimicking Studio Lighting

Studio Shot Without a Studio

Not everybody can bring studio lights everywhere they go. Sometimes the light coming from the window is all that you have. With Photoshop however, we can make it look as if we had taken the photo in a studio!
Natural light can often produce high contrasts, dark shadows and harsh highlights, but fear not, all of this can be easily fixed in Photoshop!
In this video tutorial, I will show you how to do just that, we will then work on bringing out the details in the skin, we will do some retouching of course, we will be changing the lighting from harsh light to soft light and we will also work on the colors in order
to give our image a look that usually can only be achieved in a professional studio!

Video Tutorial Length: 74 minutes

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #4: Grabbing Attention

From Wannabe to Professional Surfer Thanks To Photoshop

How to turn a rather dull unimpressive photo into somethings that will suddenly get a lot of attention?
In this video tutorial, I will show you exactly how to do it using a number of great editing techniques in Photoshop!
We will focus on making our subject pop out from the background by adjusting the colors of the water and sky and contrasting those with the colors of his skin. We will bring out all the details that we can from his face and body by adjusting artificially the dynamic range of our image.
If you need to create high impact images for Youtube thumbnails, website design, product ads or anything else that must grab people’s attention, then this tutorial is for you!

Video Tutorial Length: 75 minutes

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #5: Dynamic Range & Colors

Digital Enhancements

It is not just women that can be retouched in post-production, guys too! Whatever the purpose, we can take a normal, unexciting photo of a model (or you!) and transform it into something slick, colorful and eye-catching! Perfect for advertising anything, or just getting people’s attention!
In this video tutorial, we will give this guy a slick makeover by enhancing the dynamic range of this photo, we will do some retouching to polish his look, while also working on color adjustments using a variety of methods. This is a tutorial you don’t want to miss!

Video Tutorial Length: 126 minutes


Perfecting Tones

B & W photos are very popular, and for a good cause, as they can create mood, add sophistication, get rid of distractions – BUT – just desaturating your image will rarely give you great results. Some of you may not know this but there’s a lot of adjustments one can do to create and perfect a B & W image.   In this video tutorial, I will show you how we can take advantage of the colors of a photo to adjust and improve the tones in order to create exactly the B & W image we want!
Ready to create memorable B & W photos? Then this tutorial is for you!

Video Tutorial Length: 74 minutes


Way better than an Instagram filter

How to enhance the colors of your image to create a “look”? In this tutorial, I ‘m going to show you how to create a “dreamy pastel” look, which can be a nice look for wedding photos, children photos, travel photos, etc.
Color correction and grading will be our main focus here as we edit this photo, we will also work on retouching and will play with a few textures in order maximize the final look of our image!
If you want to embellish and even transform the colors of your photos, this is the tutorial you need!

Video Tutorial Length: 79 minutes

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL #8: Pop Out of the Screen

Bring Out the Details

Have you ever used Photoshop’s 3D effect on a portrait? In this tutorial, we will do just that to make our subject pop out of the screen! We will also focus on bringing out the details to create an overall look that is very interesting and creative!
If you are seeking creative new ways to spice up your portraits, this tutorial will definitely give you techniques and ideas to do just that!

Video Tutorial Length: 79 minutes





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